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Le Club des naturalistes de la Vallée de Memramcook

The Club des naturalistes de la Vallée de Memramcook is for people who simply love nature. It is for those who appreciate the wonderful fauna and flora found in the Memramcook Valley…  like the birds, the wildflowers, the reptiles, the amphibians, the butterflies, the mushrooms, the mammals, the ecosystems, etc.

Did you know that: 
  • the valley created by the Memramcook and Petitcodiac Rivers are major migration routes? That millions of beautiful songbirds, ducks and herons congregate there?
  • there are Bald Eagle nests in Memramcook?
  • the salt marshes along the river are among the richest ecosystems of the Maritimes? That unusual plants and rare birds are found there?

It is under the theme « C’est plein de vie dans le berceau de l’Acadie » that the members of the Club des naturalistes de la Vallée de Memramcook meet. They organize all sorts of activities, outings and conferences. Guided walks mostly take place in the valley formed by the Memramcook and Petitcodiac Rivers. Birds, owls, amphibians, flowers and wild plants are studied. Walks are open to all ages. The goal is to learn about nature in the beautiful valleys.

Would you like to join us or learn more about our activities? Everyone is welcome! Age is unimportant. The only condition is that you must be enthusiastic about nature! For more information, please contact Valmond at (506) 758-1095, or you can reach Yolande at (506) 758-9583, or by email at yolande@nbnet.nb.ca

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