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Country living has never been so appealing! Located in South-Eastern New Brunswick, Memramcook is largely known for being the cradle of New Acadia. With a population of 4638 inhabitants and covering 185 square kilometers, this little country hideaway has a lot to offer. An active community, a rich historical heritage and a short commute to nearby cities are but a few of its many qualities. Not only are two universities and community colleges nearby, but the Greater Moncton International Airport is also only a short drive away. Situated 15 minutes from the cities of Moncton, Dieppe and Sackville, the Village de Memramcook is a quiet and safe community in which to live.

The corner stone of superior education in Acadia, Memramcook was once home to the Université de Saint-Joseph, the first francophone and Acadian university of the region. After the Université de Saint-Joseph became the Université de Moncton in 1963, the campus reinvented itself as the Memramcook Institute and began offering adult education courses. It is within this newly renovated historical building and the Monument-Lefebvre that lie the true heart and soul of this community.

With fabulous rural vistas and numerous cultural and recreational activities, the region also offers numerous sport facilities. “Do not miss activities” include the Apple Blossom Festival, the Lumberjack Festival, the Accordion Festival, as well as the Bluegrass Festival. Why not go for a walk on one of the hiking trails, or a stroll along the Petitcodiac River, or do a little birdwatching? Or maybe just take some time to enjoy the wonderful valley while playing a round of golf? Nature lovers will feel right at home in this picturesque municipality! The Village de Memramcook offers all the conveniences of modern-day living but at a fraction of the cost.

Come and visit the cradle of New Acadia! Whether it’s for a short stay or a longer visit.

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23/06/14 - Notice to residents! Planning services available 1 day a week (Wednesdays) at the Memramcook Municipal Office

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31/03/14 - Agreement reached for Memramcook Valley Golf Course



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